PC+Polyester Xylex X8300

PC+Polyester Xylex X8300

Model No.︰Xylex X7300


Country of Origin︰United States

Unit Price︰US $ 0.01 / KG

Minimum Order︰25 KG

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Product Description

Sabic Xylex transparent polycarbonate (PC) and an amorphous polyester.

Compared to PC, the polyester in Xylex resin provides enhanced chemical resistance against certain fluids, enhancing the resin's stress crack resistance. It also permits lower processing temperatures than straight PC.

Xylex X8419
PC+POLYESTER Heat Stabilized, Low Haze, Robust Chemical Resistance

Xylex X8303CL
PC+POLYESTER, UV-Stabilizer, Transparent,

Xylex X8300
PC+POLYESTER, UV-Stabilizer, Transparent, UV-Stabilized, Weatherable,

Xylex X8210
PC+POLYESTER, High Impact, Impact Modified, Transparent,

Xylex X7110
 PC+POLYESTER, Heat Stabilized, Low Temperature Ductile, Translucent, UV-Stabilized, Weatherable, Unreinforced and Chemical Resistant. 

Xylex X7519
PC+POLYESTER, Mold Release, Transparent,


XYLEX X7507 
UV stabilized polycarbonate (PC) and polyester alloy. Exhibits good mold release, weather resistance, light stabilization, enhanced chemical resistance, good stress crack resistance and lower processing temperatures. Is suitable for processing by injection molding. suitable for pool & spa applications.weathering certified F1.

Xylex X7509
PC+POLYESTER, Mold Release, Transparent,

Xylex X7300
PC+POLYESTER unreinforced alloy. High flow, chemically resistant with excellent optical quality. UV-stabilized.

Xylex X7200
General purpose, unreinforced PC+polyester alloy with excellent optical quality. UV-stabilized.


Type Color number Origin Available
XYLEX X7507 NA9D032T China 1,000 kg
XYLEX X7300 NA9A002T China 2,000 kg
XYLEX X7509HP NA9A050T China 5,000 kg
XYLEX X8300 NA9A002 China 1,000 kg
XYLEX X7110 NA   100 KG

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Price Terms︰ exw/cip/fob/cif

Payment Terms︰ t/t

Packing︰ 25kg/bag

Lead Time︰ 5 days

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