CNDO-Engineering is a leading polymer distributor that specialises in the supply of Engineering Plastics

(ASA,PPH,POM,PC,PBT,PA6,PA66,PA11,PA12,PA4T,PA6T,PPA,PPS,LCP,PEEK,PSU,PESU,PEI,PPSU,PAI,PI), Compounds(CF/GF/AF/MOS2/PTFE+reinforced), Alloys(PC/PBT,PC/PET,PBT/PET,ASA/PA,PC/ABS,PEI/PPSU) and Elastomers(TPV,TPE,TPEE,TPU,Nylon-E).  We has presence across Asia-Pacific,Europe,South-Asia,South-Africa and works with a broad network of industry leading EU & US producers to offer a one-stop plastics supply chain solution.


CNDO Team Core Values

We are high energy, innovative and confident about providing the highest levels of customer service and solutions in an engineering thermoplastics industry where we are recognized for our leadership.

We understand the needs and aspiration of our customers: CNDO-Engineering branded promise of ease, confidence and achievement helps us consistently do engineering plastics supply-chain for our customers and our suppliers in global.

We trust the capabilities, character, and judgment of our colleagues and empower them to make decisions that are right for both, CNDO-Engineering, and our customers.

Teamwork for cndomed
We work together to achieve our goals for biocompatibility thermoplastics in medical & healthcare industry application.

We are honest and conduct our business with the highest ethical standards that we abide system of credit. 

Work and Life
We recognize and encourage the importance of balancing professional and personal life. We hire and train talented individuals, investing in them to ensure their success as they embark on a career path with CNDO-Engineering.




**Registered Service trade name in HK & China:
CNDOMED™-Biocompatibility polymers in medical & healthcare industry application.
CNDOMIM™-Engineering plastics compounds (AF,GF,CF,FR,UV,PTFE,MOS2 reinforced resins)
CNDOTPE™-Thermoplastics elastomer (TPE,TPR,TPV,TPU,TPEE) in sports/toy industry application.
GPOLYMERS™-High performance Rod,Sheet,Tube(pipe),Film for machining application.
GPOWDERS™-High-performance polymers/metal powders for 3D-SLS/FJM application.