PA6+PE Orgalloy LT4060

PA6+PE Orgalloy LT4060

Model No.︰Orgalloy EM067H

Brand Name︰Orgalloy PA6

Country of Origin︰France

Unit Price︰US $ 0.01 / lb

Minimum Order︰44 lb

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Product Description

Orgalloy LT4060 
highly flexible (200 MPa) polyamide 6 (PA 6 / Nylon 6) alloy grade. It is a platable, light- , heat- and UV stabilized grade, exhibiting easy processing and low moisture absorption. natural grade dedicated to extrusion offers good thermal resistance, cold performance and is very flexible.  Main applications: Mandrel for rubber industry.


Orgalloy EM067HSP

polyamide 6 grade, containing plasticizer. Designed for profile- and film extrusion applications.use in moisturized conditions.


Orgalloy LE60LMXV ,LE60THM
flexible polyamide 6 grade. It is a platable, light- and heat stabilized grade, exhibiting low rigidity and moisture absorption, processability on polyethylene (PE) screw and good chemical resistance. Designed for profile- and sheet extrusion, transfer- and injection molding applications.recommended for extruded tubes (hydraulic, pneumatic and painting). Complies with UL 94 HB Flame Rating. Suitable for use in moisturized conditions


Type Color Code Origin Available
Orgalloy LT 4060 NAT SAP1668-00-BM00 China 3,000 kg
Orgalloy LE60THM NAT   France 5,000 kg

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Price Terms︰ exw cn

Payment Terms︰ t/t

Packing︰ 44 lb pe-bag

Lead Time︰ 5 days

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