Siloxane+PEI SILTEM STM1500

Siloxane+PEI SILTEM STM1500

Model No.︰siloxane-ultem

Brand Name︰ULTEM Resin SILTEM

Country of Origin︰United States

Unit Price︰US $ 0.01 / kg

Minimum Order︰25 kg

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Product Description

Polyetherimide siloxane. Acts as a flame retardant. It is amorphous, material that combines the high-heat resistance of Ultem PEI resin with the flexibility of silicone elastomers. It promotes non-halogenated flame retardance and offers stable di-electrical constant & dissipation factors. It shows improved dispersion and faster dissolution in epoxy systems and standard solvents. It has transparent brown base color. It has long-term heat resistance, high flexibility, high limited oxygen index (LOI) and strong metal adhesion.
ULTEM™ Resin SILTEM-STM1500-1000 Natural
flexible siloxane polyether imide (PEI) copolymer grade by SABIC. ULTEM™ Resin SILTEM-STM1500 is suitable for processing by profile extrusion. Used for cable and wire coatings. Meets RoHS and UL 94 V1 flame rating.
Processing Method: Profile Extrusion

ULTEM™ Resin SILTEM STM1700-1000 Natural
halogen-free flame retardant, flexible polyether imide (PEI) copolymer grade by SABIC. Exhibits colorability, easy processability, low toxicity and low smoke emission, profile extrusion and wire coating extrusion. Used in wire and cable applications. Meets VDE 0472 and UL 94 V0 flame rating.


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