PTFE and graphite Torlon PAI 4301

PTFE and graphite Torlon PAI 4301

Model No.︰PAI+CF30+PTFE

Brand Name︰Torlon PAI (polyamide-imide)

Country of Origin︰Germany

Unit Price︰US $ 0.01 / KG

Minimum Order︰25 KG

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Solvay Torlon PAI (polyamide-imide) combines the exceptional performance of thermoset polyimides with the melt-processing advantage of thermoplastics. Wear-resistance grades offer unsurpassed performance in both dry and lubricated environments. High-strength grades retain their toughness, high strength and high stiffness up to 275 °C (525 °F), making PAI the industry's highest performing thermoplastic. Its broad chemical resistance includes strong acids and most organics.

Torlon PAI 4203L
General purpose, unfilled, best impact resistance, most elongation, good mold release,good electrical properties
Torlon PAI 7130 
30% carbon fiber, best stiffness, best retention of stiffness at high temperatures,
best fatigue resistance, electrically conductive
Torlon PAI 4301 
General purpose wear-resistance, contains PTFE and graphite
Torlon PAI 4275 
Good wear resistance at high velocities, contains PTFE and graphite
Torlon PAI 4435 
Good wear resistance at high velocities and high pressures, contains PTFE and graphite,











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Packing︰ 25KG/BAG

Lead Time︰ 5 DAY

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