UV-FR-ABS Cycolac FR15U

UV-FR-ABS Cycolac FR15U

Model No.︰Cycolac EX58F

Brand Name︰Cycolac ABS

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 0.01 / kg

Minimum Order︰25 kg

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Product Description

CYCOLAC acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) thermoplastic resin .

Cycolac widely recognized as a tailorable engineering material offering outstanding aesthetics, flow, toughness, dimensional stability, and high temperature resistance. A broad portfolio of CYCOLAC resin grades offer platability, VISUALFX™ aesthetics, high heat, medical compatibility, plus flame-retardancy that meets regulatory and safety standards. High gloss grades offer enhanced aesthetic appeal.

Cycolac CTR52
Clear ABS. Vacuum cleaner and telephone parts.

High impact ABS for sheet extrusion and blow molding applications. FDA food contact compliant.

flame retardant abs grade offers excellent indoor UV properties and excellent processing with RTI performance up to 90 °C.

Cycolac G320
super high impact resistant ABS grade. It combines impact resistance with high stiffness, good temperature resistance and processability. It has a good fit in automotive interiors where impact resistance is the main criteria

Cycolac G368
medium heat medium impact G-series injection moulding grade of ABS exhibiting excellent flow characteristics. It is especially suitable for large complex applications typically in the domestic appliance and automotive industries.

Cycolac G365
high heat, medium impact injection moulding ABS grade based upon new manufacturing technology. It is recommended for parts in the automotive and appliances segments where the heat resistance of CYCOLAC G365 is desired.

Cycolac G360
medium flow, good impact, medium to high heat resistant injection moulding ABS grade. It is recommended for large or complex parts in
the automotive or electrical power tool segments where the high flow properties of CYCOLAC G360 can be used to advantage

Cycolac G366
ABS exhibiting outstanding property balance, a good flow, medium impact, medium to high heat resistant and an excellent stability during injection moulding. It is recommanded for for large or complex parts in automotive, electrical power tool segments and consumer industry.

Cycolac GPM5500S
multi purpose injection moulding grade, equal to GPM5500 but equiped with anti static agents, providing a favourable balance of engineering properties. CYCOLAC GPM5500S has a wide processing window. It is recommended for applications in telecommunications, domestic appliance and office equipment.

Multi-purpose, injection molding ABS providing a favorable balance of engineering properties.

Cycolac S701S
ABS providing a superior balance of properties. Its wide processing window, excellent flow and good mechanical properties give this material an excellent fit in applications in telecommunications, domestic appliances and office equipment.

Cycolac S157
 high flow flame retardant ABS with good processability developed for applications requiring UL94 V0 at reduced wall thickness. Available in 3 colors: 10000, 225299 and 40555.

Cycolac X37
highest heat material available in the CYCOLAC range of materials and is widely recognized within the automotive industry as being the industry standard for high heat ABS. It combines heat, stiffness and ease of processing.

Cycolac DL100
high heat, high impact, low emissions ABS/PC blend.

Type Color No. Mat No. Origin Available
Cycolac EX58F NA100A - China 100 kg
Cycolac FR15U NA1000 22018551



10,000 kg

30,000 kg

Cycolac MG47F NA1000   USA on request
Cycolac FR15 BK4051 22017367 USA 1,000 kg

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Price Terms︰ Ex-works China

Payment Terms︰ T/T

Packing︰ 25KG/BAG

Lead Time︰ 10 Days

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