High Heat PC APEC-1803

High Heat PC APEC-1803

Model No.︰PC-HT APEC-2097

Brand Name︰high temperature APEC

Country of Origin︰Germany

Unit Price︰US $ 0.01 / KG

Minimum Order︰1000 KG

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Product Description

Apec high-heat polycarbonate is an amorphous, naturally transparent thermoplastic for processing by injection molding or extrusion. Apec resins are a new generation of aromatic copolycarbonates which extend the service range of standard polycarbonate towards higher temperatures. All Apec resins offer an excellent combination of high heat resistance, clarity, and processibility.Different series have been engineered to precisely match individual heat requirements.  

Apec DP1-9389/5  (Available colour  000000)

Polycarbonate,easy flowing,easy to demold,softening temperature (VST/B 120)=218 °C

Apec 1603 (available colour 551022)
high viscosity; UV stabilized; MVR (330°C/2.16kg) 25 cm³/10 min;softening temperature (VST/B 120)=159 °C

Apec 1695 (available colour 551022,901510)
easy release,MVR (330°C/2.16kg) 45 cm3/10 min,Vicat/B 120 = 158 °C
covers for brake lights and indicator lights headlamp reflectors/bezels

Apec 1700 (available colour 901510)
high Heat Resin,Vicat/B 120 = 150 °C
Automotive; Sanitary; Industrial Lighting, Appliances

Apec 1703 (available colour 650358)
UV-stabilized, softening temperature (VST/B 120)=171 °C, Brake and indicator bulb caps Covers for domestic / industrial lamps car interior light covers Headlamp lenses 

Apec 1745 (available colour 901510)
high-heat polycarbonate is an amorphous,suitable for superheated steam sterilization up to 143 °C as well as for pharmaceutical applications according to United States Pharmacopeia (USP) XXII Class VI softening temperature (VST/B 120)=170 °C

Apec 1795 (available colour 901510)
MVR (330°C/2.16kg) 30 cm³/10 min; easy release; 'softening temperature (VST/B 120)=173°C;injection molding - melt temperature 320 - 340°C; Covers for brake lights and indicator lights;Headlamp reflectors/bezels

Apec 2000
Standard grades / Base grade 
Basic grade, softening temperature (VSTB 120)=205 °C 

Apec 1803 (Available colour 551022 & 550042)
UV-stabilized, softening temperature (VST/B 120)=184 °C, Brake and indicator bulb caps Car interior light covers Domestic lamp covers Headlamp lenses Covers for ships´lights Fittings for halogen systems  

Apec 1895 (available colour 901510 & 700394)
Easy flowing, easy to demold, softening temperature (VST/B 120)=183 °C, Brake and indicator bulb caps Built-in lamps, reflectors High-mount brake lights Headlamp reflectors/-covers 

Apec 1897
Easy flowing, easy to demold, UV-stabilized, softening temperature (VST/B 120)=182 °C, Lamp covers Headlamp lenses 

Apec 2097 (available colour 551022)
Easy flowing, easy to demold, UV-stabilized, softening temperature (VST/B 120)=202 °C, Lamp covers Headlamp lenses



TYPE(PC-HT) Clear No Color No Origin Available
APEC-1803  551022 Clear-Transpar Belgium 1,000kg
APEC-1800 700901 Grey GERMANY 1,500kg
APEC-1700 901510 Black Germany 100kg
APEC-2097 551022 Clear-Transpar Germany 1,000kg
APEC DP1-9389/5 000000 Natural Germany 1,500kg



Black Thailand

1,825 kg

6,000 kg

APEC-1795 901510 Black Germany 2,000kg







5,000 kg

APEC 1895P 551022 Clear Germany

2,000 kg

**As of 1 September 2015, Bayer MaterialScience was separated from Bayer AG and officially adopted its new name – Covestro.



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Payment Terms︰ T/T

Packing︰ 25KG/BAG

Lead Time︰ 3 days

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