PA6 Grilon BGZ-30/2

PA6 Grilon BGZ-30/2

Model No.︰Grilon BT40Z

Brand Name︰Grilon PA6

Country of Origin︰Taiwan, China

Unit Price︰US $ 0.01 / kg

Minimum Order︰25 kg

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Product Description


Grilon BS-V0  
unreinforced, normal viscosity, self-extinguishing PA6 injection moulding grade

Grilon BGZ-30/2 
heat stabilised and impact modified PA6 injection moulding grade with 30% glass fibres.

Grilon PV-25H HM
25% glass fiber reinforced Polyamide-6 injection molding grade with special modification for injection welding/bonding with SEBS and PP/EPDM alloys. Grilon XE3278 can be combined with Shore A elastomers.
Applications: Automotive plugs and seals, counter wheel sensors (sealing to the cable), housings with integrated switch membranes, grip handles, housings for electro power tools with vibration damping.

Grilon BG-50
heat stabilised PA6 injection moulding grade with 50% glass-fibres.  

Grilon BGK-30/2 X
Polyamide 6 (Nylon 6) material filled with 30% glass bead\glass fiber.
Flame Retardant/Flame Rated.

Grilon ELX50HNZ 
high viscosity, heat stabilized, impact modified, thermoplastic PA6 elastomer for extrusion blow molding applications.Application examples are air ducts for turbo-chargers and engine air ducts.



EMS Grilon(CO-Polyamide)materia

Grilon CR 9 HV
extrusion;flexible;non-oriented films;

Grilon BM 20 SBG
extrusion; flexible;non-oriented films; oriented films;


Grilon (C) Masterbatch Additives 
Films to Top Speed copolyamide-based additive 
Grilon C MB 7361 
Depending on storage conditions, full effectiveness is attained whithin one to two weeks. During this time a waxlike substance migrates to the film surface, where it induces outstanding antifriction properties without detriment to the transparency.
By adding 2 % masterbatch, the coefficient of friction of polyamide 6 can almost be halved (see diagram).Furthermore, the copolyamide masterbatch is suitable for improving the properties of many kinds of polyamide film with melt temperatures starting at 130 °C.


Grilon EBV-15H black 9697 
high viscosity, heat stabilized PA6 extrusion blow molding grade with 15% glass fibers.Suitable for sequential blow molding process in combination with flexible grades,used typically for automotive applications such are air ducts for turbo-chargers, air ducts, oil filler pipes, fuel and oil containers.

Type Color number Origin Available
Grilon EBV-15H 9687 (Black) Switzerland 50 kg
Grilon BGZ-30/2 Natural Taiwan 225 kg
Grilon BZ BLACK Taiwan 100 kg
Grilon BG-50S


Black 9922


on request

Grilon BGM-65X V0 Natural Switzerland 1,000 kg
Grilon BS-V0 Natural Switzerland 1,100 kg
Grilon ELX XE3871 Natural Taiwan 25 kg
GRILON ELX 50H NZ BK9210 Taiwan 400 kg
Grilon CR8 NT Switzerland on request

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Price Terms︰ CIF/EXW/FOB/CIP

Payment Terms︰ T/T

Packing︰ 25KG/BAG

Lead Time︰ 5 DAYS

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