polyamide 6T ARLEN AE4200

 polyamide 6T ARLEN AE4200

Model No.︰PA6T

Brand Name︰ARLEN PA6T

Country of Origin︰Japan

Unit Price︰US $ 0.01 / KG

Minimum Order︰25 KG

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Product Description

ARLEN modified polyamide 6T grade. Possesses high dimensional stability, high melting point, minimum water absorption and high glass transition point (125°C). Exhibits good chemical and heat resistance. Offers high rigidity even in a high-temperature atmosphere such as the inside of an engine room. Is suitable for processing by injection molding.

Arlen AE4200 used in mechanical and structural applications including under the hood parts such as cooling system parts, cylinder head covers, thermostat cases, hydraulic system pistons and oil pump housings.

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Price Terms︰ exw cn

Payment Terms︰ t/t

Packing︰ 25kg-bag

Lead Time︰ 5 days

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