acetal copolymer grade Hostaform C13031XAS

 acetal copolymer grade Hostaform C13031XAS

Model No.︰HOSTAFORM 13031


Country of Origin︰United States

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Minimum Order︰1000 KG

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Product Description

Hostaform acetal copolymer grade C13031 XF 
acetal copolymer modified to resist deterioration from aggressive fuel blends. This 
material is specially targeted for transportation industry fuel systems. In natural form, Hostaform® C13031 XF has a distinctive yellow color (Color code 50/5339) to denote use for fuel systems. Additionally the product is available in black 10/9022 for laser welding applications.

Hostaform C13031XAS

high strength, crystalline, thermoplastic engineering resins whose balance of properties and ease of processability offer performance and cost advantages over many other materials.
Specific Notes for this Grade: Ideal property profile for sanitary applications. A new combination of stabilizers improves resistance to highly active acidic cleaning agents


Hostaform C13021 
POM copolymer. Exhibits good resistance to chemicals (solvents, fuels & strong alkalis), wear, long-term fatigue, creep, hydrolysis, stress cracking, thermal and oxidative degradation.

Hostaform C13031
Easy flowing Injection molding type like C 13021, but with higher strength, rigidity and hardness over the entire permissible temperature range for HOSTAFORM; good chemical resistance to solvents, fuel and strong alkalis as well as good hydrolysis
resistance; high resistance to thermal and oxidative degradation.

Type Natural Origin Availab le
Hostaform C13021 Natural China 20,000 kg

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Packing︰ 25KG & 1000KG

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