UV resistance Thermolast K TP9-LDZ

UV resistance Thermolast K TP9-LDZ

Model No.︰TC7-MGZ-S340


Country of Origin︰Malaysia

Unit Price︰US $ 0.01 / KG

Minimum Order︰25 KG

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Product Description

performance advantages glance:
2C injection moulding in combination with many materials such as ABS, PC, PBT, PETG, ASA, SAN, PMMA, PET, PA 6/6.6/12, POM, PS, HIPS
Extrusion-optimised compounds, also suitable for film extrusion and hot-melt processing
0 shore A to 66 shore D
Excellent dyeability
High elongation at break values and crack growth resistance
Elastic at low temperatures (to -42 °C)
High thermal stability (to 125 °C)
Excellent resistance against UV light, ozone and weather damage
Kalahari and Florida tested
Approved for drinking water applications; series with FDA, BfR and 2002/72/EC certificates
Free of latex and PVC

We have in stock available grades:
Thermolast TA5-AOZ
Thermolast HTC9313
Thermolast TC0-AIZ
Thermolast TC4-MGA
Thermolast TC4-MGZ
Thermolast TC5-FTN ,Natural,A 50,
Thermolast TC5-FTZ,Black,A 50,
Thermolast TC5-MGZ
Thermolast TC5-MLZ
Thermolast TC5-GPZ-S340
Thermolast TC5-MFA
Thermolast TC5-PGZ
Thermolast TC5-YCZ
Thermolast TC6-FTN, Natural, A60,
Thermolast TC6-FTZ, Black, A60,
Thermolast TC6-AWZ
Thermolast TC6-GPZ
Thermolast TC6-MHN
Thermolast TC6-MIZ A66
Thermolast TC6-MIZ A60
Thermolast TC6-COZ
Thermolast TC6-MGA
Thermolast TC6-MLB
Thermolast TC6-MLZ-S340
Thermolast TC6-MSZ
Thermolast TC7-FTN, Natural, A68
Thermolast TC7-FTZ, Black, A68
Thermolast TC7-MGZ-S340
Thermolast TC7-YNZ
Thermolast TC7-YC2-S100
Thermolast TC8-FTN, Natural ,A 80,
Thermolast TC8-FTZ, Black, A 80,
Thermolast TC9-MBZ
Thermolast TC9-AAZ
Thermolast TC9-GPN
Thermolast TF4-AAA
Thermolast TF5-WKZ
Thermolast TF5-CGN
Thermolast TF5-MBS
Thermolast TF5-ATL-S342
Thermolast TF6-AAG
Thermolast TF6-MAA-S340
Thermolast TF6-BNA-S340
Thermolast TF8-TRT
Thermolast TF9-AAE
Thermolast TF9-MAA-S340
Thermolast TV6-LVZ
Thermolast TP8-LDZ
Thermolast TP9-LDZ

water-insoluble, halogen-free,adhesion to PP, 

applications requiring high flame retardance at low wall thicknesses. The compounds come with UL94 V0 rating at 1.5mm, are halogen free, adhesion to PP,

Thermolast K TPE inventory list
Type Adhesion Shore Hardness Origin Available
TC7 MGZ-S340     Malaysia 5,000 kg
TC7 GPZ-S340 PP A 68 Malaysia 1,000 kg
TC6 GPZ-S340 PP A 59 Malaysia 2,000 kg
TP9 LDZ-B102 PP A 82  Malaysia 1,000 kg
TF6 BNA-S340 PP A 59 Malaysia 3,000 kg
HTC 9313/01 PA A 66 Malaysia 1,000 kg
TCO AIZ-B102     Malaysis 1,000 kg
TF5 BTL-S342     Malaysia 1,000 kg
TF5 WKF-S102     Malaysia 1,000 kg
TC7-FTN PP FR,Natural, A 68 Malaysia 1,000 kg
TC7-FTZ PP FR, Black, A 68 Malaysia 2,000 kg

**any bonding TPE questions ,Please e-mail to: x.g.chiang@gmail.com 

Price Terms︰ exw/cip/fob/cif

Payment Terms︰ T/T

Packing︰ 25KG/BAG

Lead Time︰ 5 DAYS

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