3D SLS Nylon 12 powder

3D SLS Nylon 12 powder

Model No.︰PA12 POWDER

Brand Name︰GPowders™ SLS

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 0.01 / KG

Minimum Order︰100 KG

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Product Description

selective laser sintering (SLS).


1.TPU powder & Nylon 12 powders,unfilled

2.Suit for 3D and EOS platform

3.Selective laser sintering /SLS resin


Key properties:

•Fine PA12/TPU powders with good part surface finish for Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

•The dry powder flow has been optimized for user friendly processing.

•Excellent recycle rate, very easy to process


Application Examples:

•Prototypes that require good durability and strength

•Low to mid volume direct manufacturing of end-use parts

•Medical parts that require USP Class VI compliance or must be sterilized

•Complex, thin-walled ducts

•Aircraft and motorsports parts

•Enclosures and housings

•Parts with snap-fits and living hinges

•Automotive dashboards, grilles and bumpers


 **availability grade :

GPowders™ SLS-581NT (PA12)
 Grain size :58 um .
Suit for 3D & EOS platform. 

GPowders™ SLS-652NT (TPU)
 Grain size :65 um .
Suit for 3D & EOS platform. 


SLS(Selective Laser Sintering)

Laser Layered Manufacturing is a Rapid Manufacturing (RM) technology with high flexibility, adaptability and speed, includes Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Stereo lithography Appearance (SLA), Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM), etc.

In the Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) process, three-dimensional parts with complex shapes are directly built from 3D CAD models by fusing powder materials without any process tooling, reducing part count and eliminating supply chain and inventory considerations because parts can be printed on demand. SLS is remarkable for its high complexity, wide application range and low operating costs. It helps to decrease development time and cost, speed up product updates, hence time to market. The core competitiveness of the company will be greatly enhanced by using SLS.

The most important benefit of all though is the opportunity to rethink product development and design for perfect functionality rather than the ability to manufacture. In essence, SLS allows the complete freedom of creation.



**Any questions e-mail to:x.g.chiang@gmail.com 

Price Terms︰ EXW/CIP/FOB/CIF

Payment Terms︰ T/T

Packing︰ 5KG,10KG,15KG,20KG

Lead Time︰ 10 DAYS

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