Kevlar para-aramid fiber Zytel 70K20HSL

Kevlar para-aramid fiber Zytel 70K20HSL

Model No.︰Para-Aramid PA


Country of Origin︰United States

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Minimum Order︰25 kg

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Product Description

DuPont Zytel WRF Nylon Resins - Meet Low Wear and Friction Needs

Zytel® WRF delivers even lower wear and friction than standard nylons while retaining other valuable nylon attributes and capabilities.Zytel® WRF resins give you a range of choices to meet varying application requirements. The choices listed here include different combinations of basic nylon properties – hightemperature capabilities, chemical resistance, stiffness, strength,toughness, etc.

What to make of Zytel® WRF 
Gears, moving parts, counter-surface components combining low wear and friction with the high-temperature capabilities, chemical resistance, stiffness, strength, toughness and other properties you like about nylons.

Where to use them
Automotive components (especially in the drive train for electric motors),
appliances, office machines (copiers,printers, etc.), power tools, various
other industrial and consumer products

Nylon reinforced with para-aramid
Zytel 70K20HSL
Heat stabilized PA66 resin modified with Kevlar® para-aramid fiber for excellent wear resistance.

Zytel WRF403
30% glass reinforced, heat stabilized PA66 resin containing Teflon® PTFE micropowder. It is designed for highly
reduced friction in applications requiring low wear and/or low friction against itself, steel, or other plastics.

Zytel WRF500
Heat stabilized PA66 resin modified with Teflon® PTFE micropowder and Kevlar® para-aramid fiber. It is designed for superior wear resistance in applications requiring low wear and/or low friction against itself,steel, or other plastics.

Zytel HTNWRF51G30
30% glass reinforced, heat stabilized lubricated, high performance polyamide resin containing Teflon® PTFE
micropowder. It is designed for excellent lubricity in high PV applications.


Aranid nylon inventory list
Type Color No. Origin Available
Zytel 70K20HSL BK284 France 1,000 kg


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Price Terms︰ EXW/CIP/CIF/FOB

Payment Terms︰ T/T

Packing︰ 25KG/BAG

Lead Time︰ 5 DAYS

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